VSOM® Application Software

VSOM® Application Software is currently customized for each customer installation and application. Please see our Services page for additional information.

Future Hardware and Software Products:

LCA has begun developing a VSOM® Application Software "drop-in" (a "plug-in") for the MetaMorph® Software suite of products from Molecular Devices®. Please contact us for additional information

In the future, VSOM® Application Software will be available "in the Cloud". Please contact us for additional information, or read more about Software as a Service (Saas).

LCA is also developing (i) a line of cell type identification assays, (ii) kits for etching our microfiducial system and focusing target into specimen vessels, and (iii) innovative dosimetry and calibration devices for live cell imaging applications.

Note: MetaMorph® and Molecular Devices® are registered trademarks of Molecular Devices, LLC.
VSOM® is a registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trademark belonging to Live Cell Assays, LLC.