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MipTec - The Leading European Event for Drug Discovery

MIPTEC 2011: Presented in Collaboration with the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) (September 19-22, Basel, Switzerland)

CYTO 2010
CYTO 2010
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
25th Annual Meeting
May 8-12, 2010
Seattle, WA.

LabAutomation LabAutomation 2010

The World's Leading Conference and Exhibition on Emerging Laboratory Technologies

January 23-27, 2010
Palm Springs Convention Center
Palm Springs, CA

LabAutomationLive Cell Assays, LLC (LCA) was selected as an Innovation AveNew exhibitor at LabAutomation 2010.

"Innovation AVEnew offers start-up, entrepreneurial companies in the laboratory automation and technology field a venue for positive, collaborative interaction and exposure for their product and/or service concept...Only a select few start-up companies will be chosen for this program each year."

4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science
Indiana University and
Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI)
University Place Conference Center & Hotel
Indianapolis, Indiana



Coupling Computers to Living Cells for Automated Knowledge Extraction
December 07-December 12
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3535-7
Callahan, D.E

eScience, 2008. eScience apos;08. IEEE Fourth International Conference on
Volume , Issue , 7-12 Dec. 2008 Page(s):446 - 447
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/eScience.2008.152

Abstract: A general method for coupling individual living cells to computers is presented. This method is called visual-servoing optical microscopytrade (VSOMtrade). Protocols, instrumentation, and software are described and experimental results are presented. During VSOM experiments, automated decisions are made as single cell responses to computer-applied stimuli are interpreted in real-time. Well-annotated live cell responses are stored in distributed VSOM databases in real-time. This closed-loop method enables automated extraction of knowledge from individual living cells (click here to read more).

BioSig: An Informatics Framework for Representing the Physiological Responses of Living Cells

B. Parvin, and D.E. Callahan, BioSig: An Informatics Framework for Representing the Physiological Responses of Living Cells, BioSilico, 1: 42-46 (2003).

Abstract: Subcellular experimental datasets and detailed cell models are required before modeling of whole organs. Cell modeling requires repeated interaction between simulation and experimental data. This review describes a coupled system of informatics and instrument control suitable for extracting information at the subcellular level. The BioSig informatics framework annotates time-series images with experimental variables and computed representation such as physiological responses, whereas visual servoing optical microscopy (VSOM) is used for adaptive perturbation and interaction with living cells ( click here to read more).